November 16, 2011

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For several years now I have wondered about trees, pigs and Provectus Pharmaceuticals: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a pig farts in the wind and no one is around to smell it, does it stink? When will Mr. Market notice Provectus?

About me? I am a large shareholder. I recall having started due diligence on the company in 2006 and purchasing my first share of Provectus sometime in 2007. At the time of this post: My share holdings number in the seven figures. I have not sold any shares. The share price is $0.88. 14,700 shares have traded.

Over time, in no particular order, at no particular pace, I will post my thoughts about the company and its prospects. These thoughts result from what I believe to be extensive and lengthy due diligence. Why share? Why not? Why today? Why not? Perhaps I am just talking my book. Perhaps posting, for everyone and no one to see, will make "it" all better.

Perhaps, I am an also-ran investor convinced this, Provectus Pharmaceuticals, was my chance to make my mark. Perhaps, I have been scoffed at and dismissed. Perhaps, even pros well experienced and schooled in biotech investing have shied away from Provectus or embraced it rather plainly, while here I am, a simpleton learning about the company and the industry. Am I a renegade investor? Am I an underdog one? Timing is everything. When all is said and done, will I initially have lost money and, rather than back down, will I have redoubled my bets, putting my personal financial situation and reputation on the line. Was I right? Was I daring? Was I early? Was this the greatest trade ever? Only time will tell. [With sincere apologies to Gregory Zuckerman, whose book description the above was crafted/taken from and whose book made for a great read, and John Paulson, who "pulled off the greatest trade in financial history."]

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