November 28, 2011

Fast & Furious

That would be Vin Diesel's version, not Eric Holder's. By the way, is it just me, or does everyone think The Chronicles of Riddick is a movie classic?

It is quite possible that when the deal to license (sell) the dermatology business has been completed, licensing (selling) the oncology business (i.e., a complete monetization of the company) could move very fast, deal-wise that is.

How it happens is fluid; however, I do appreciate management's positioning of the company to have several options along the path:
  • The dermatology deal;
  • Several potential mini-oncology deals, based on indication and geography. For example, MM in Australasia and/or liver in a part of Asia;  
  • The big oncology deal; and,
  • An equity investment (or two) by big pharma.
The path management must traverse appears to me to be very well lit, with several parties at the end of it waiting to embrace them. Wouldn't it make good sense to simply and solely focus their energy on traversing the path?

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