November 19, 2011


It is both instructive and helpful to categorize the company's work:
  • Value drivers (in no particular order):
    • Dermatology
    • Metastatic Melanoma
    • Liver
  • Value enhancers
    • Immunology
Obviously the company's breast Phase 1 trial and the contemplated pancreas Phase 1 trial, together with the growing list of cancers Provectus' compassionate care program has treated, are themselves value drivers in a sum-of-the-parts notion. But, these 4 strategis thrusts -- melanoma, liver, dermatology and immunology -- is where the a good amount of the company's time and resources currently are being spent.

It seems to me that immunology has grown into a substantial wild card for the company. When I say wild card, I mean the card you add to your hand of playing cards to complete it. Is immunology the card that complete's management's straight flush? A royal flush, perhaps?

Two immunology studies have been completed and additional studies are in process, which are expected to be completed in December. Additional immunology studies will be undertaken next year.

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