November 19, 2011

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Deceiver, dissembler
Your trousers are alight
From what pole or gallows
Shall they dangle in the night?

When I asked of your career
Why did you have to kick my rear
With that stinking lie of thine
Proclaiming that you owned a mine?

When you asked to borrow my stallion
To visit a nearby-moored galleon
How could I ever know that you
Intended only to turn him into glue?

What red devil of mendacity
Grips your soul with such tenacity?
Will one you cruelly shower with lies
Put a pistol ball between your eyes?

What infernal serpent
Has lent you his forked tongue?
From what pit of foul deceit
Are all these whoppers sprung?

Deceiver, dissembler
Your trousers are alight
From what pole or gallows
Do they dangle in the night? (The Liar, William Blake)

It all boils down to integrity. Everything else is just the canvas of the picture we call our professional career.

If you ask management a question, to which they respond "X," do you believe them? The possibilities:
  • X1: The truth;
  • X2: A version of the truth; and,
  • X3...n: Versions of untruths, including a lie.
If the question is worded properly, the data set of responses simply should be {X1, Xn}: a truth and a lie, where both cannot live in the same universe (matter, anti-matter). The skeptic might say it depends on what the meaning of the word "yes" (or "no") is. I think simple is simpler than this. I think is simple. Does management tell me the truth, or do they lie to me. No shading. No obfuscation. Just, yes or no. Truth or lie?

If you think they lie, while you're entitled to your opinion, such as it is, you should stop reading my blog, now.

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