November 16, 2011

Management, Management, Management

"In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." (Warren Buffett)

The Oracle of Omaha. An investing god among mere mortals. So far, in my pursuit of telling this story, I've used Paulson and Buffett's names in vain and in the same blog post with Provectus. How's that for co-branding? I use this quote from Buffett merely to highlight that all the business and science/technology due diligence in the world is for nought if one gets it wrong about management; not only competence and experience, but character.

Do Craig Dees, Tim Scott, Eric Wachter and Pete Culpepper have integrity?
  • I have met and spent time with Craig, with whom I regularly communicate. To call him a character is to do him a disservice. I find him to be brilliant, articulate and a strategic thinker. 
  • I have met and spent time with Peter, with whom I regularly communicate. I find him to be an effective and efficient operations-focused, non-transaction-oriented CFO. In my view, he seems very capable of handling Wall Street folks.
  • I have met and spent a small amount of time with Dr. Eric. He reminds me of my time working in the defense and intelligence industry, where I first met the many brilliant, innovative and creative engineers and scientists at our country's national labs.
  • I have not met Dr. Tim.

I am a supporter of management. I will support them until I don't. They have faults and weaknesses. These, however, are more than balanced by their strengths. There is more to write about this topic and the company's principals.

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