December 20, 2011

And in this corner...

Dr. Ross' presentation essentially centered around promising new intralesional therapies. He discussed Vical's Allovectin, BioVex's OncoVEX and Provectus' PV-10. In my opinion, he spoke much more about PV-10, but perhaps I'm just biased.

Comparing the slides of the three compounds, we see the following:

The difference (even though the performance figures I show are from PV-10's Phase 1 trial; the Phase 2 data is in Dr. Ross' presentation, but it is difficult to read them on the white background in his slides) is stark. Remember that BioVex was acquired by Amgen for nearly $1B. Vical continues to push development of Allovectin as independently as it can (I don't believe it has fully partnered for Allovectin). As you know from listening to his presentation, Dr. Ross was not particularly impressed by OncoVEX's Phase 3 trial's comparator.

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