December 31, 2011

By The Numbers (update)

An update to my original post.

I forgot to include several other milestones/achievements in 2011 (i.e., the immuno-studies, director and adviser additions). Revising my scorecard for this year, we have:
  • Liver: Orphan drug status (3 pts); enrollment (0.5), treatment (0.5) and study (1) completed;
  • Psoriasis: Enrollment (0.5) and treatment (0.5) completed;
  • Immunology: Study initiated (0.5) and completed (0.5); and,
  • Corporate governance: Director (Smith) and adviser (Eagle) added (0.5).
2011: Score equals 7.5. As a graph, below:

We'll only appreciate the work carried out by management in 2011 as 2012 unfolds. Until then, we wait for the smoke from the fireworks to clear!

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