December 28, 2011

Get Shorty

Ray "Bones" Barboni: I want us to be friends, Faye. And we all know that friends don't hit each other... unless they have to. 

Short interest in 2011:

Short interest is useful to know, as long investors typically like to know if there is a large short interest (or negative investor sentiment) lined up against them. Shorting also includes folks who are doing pair trades (long ABC, short XYZ) or hedging (e.g., Provectus investors long the preferred might short the common), for example.

Bear raids are a more violent example of shorting, but Provectus need not worry about that for the time being. Short interest as a percent of float is less than 0.5%. To compare, the same figure for DNDN is nearly 20%, more than 10% for VICL, 0.8% for PFE, 28% for OPTR, and more than 18% for DCTH, to name a few.

We should keep an eye on Provectus' short interest as the stock price rises, as daily traded volume increases, as more folks (institutional investors, hedge funds) get into the stock, and as awareness of the company grows.

Stay tuned.

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