January 6, 2012

Talking Your Book

Everybody talks their book. See here, here and here.

I am a large holder of Provectus shares. I am writing a blog about the company. I am talking my book. If a tree falls in the forest, aside from the tree hitting me and my bear friend beside me who is doing number two, does anyone other than you and I care about this blog?

I started this blog to get it (my investment thesis) right. Did I invest for the right reasons? What were those reasons? Are there any holes in my investment thesis? What was my due diligence? Why am I buying shares? When the time comes, why am I selling them? Etc. I have not arrived yet at the point where I have put down all my thoughts in as crisp, as cogent, as pointed a manner as I can. As I should. In one place. I will begin that process today.

My goal will be to post an open letter before the end of the weekend about the reasons I am long Provectus.

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