January 4, 2012

Tax Selling?

There's lots of literature and advice about tax selling (tax harvesting), and lots of rules as well (wash sales). For many -- individuals, executives, companies -- taxes (and tax policy and expectations) drive business and investment decisions.

Lots of articles pop up in the financial press in late-November and early-December espousing the benefits of tax selling. Provectus shares, at the moment, are largely held by retail (non-institutional) investors. While institutional investors will dump or buy before quarter- and year-end (to discard losers and buy winners going into the next quarter), individuals typically contemplate their tax load at the end-of-the-year (going into tax filing preparation time in the upcoming year).

Below is a chart of PVCT's daily and cumulative volume and daily closing price for November through yesterday (January 3):

Was there tax selling? Who knows? Perhaps a few folks lightened up their holdings and presumably took the loss on their Provectus shares for their respective tax situations.

Who cares? It doesn't seem to me that the graphic above, as it relates strictly to tax selling, is dispositive.

I am interested, however, in what happened, share price- and volume-wise, around the end of December.

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