February 14, 2012

Revelation (formerly Osmium) Special Situations Fund

Recall that Chris Kuchanny's investment (hedge fund) firm, Revelation (formerly Osmium) Capital Management, participated in a private placement of shares by Provectus in March 2010.

Revelation filed an amended Schedule 13G today, detailing a 5.21% beneficial ownership of 4,052,323 shares of common stock and warrants to purchase up to 1,750,000 shares of common stock. Revelation's historical filings show:

The placement's basic deal structure was the purchase of a preferred share with an 8% dividend (payable in either cash or stock at Provectus' election) at $0.75, and a warrant on one-half of a common share (with an exercise price of $1.00.

It appears Revelation has not sold any shares since purchasing them (although it could be that it's converted all of its preferred share holdings into common stock; it held 1.75MM preferred shares as of the previous 13G filing) despite a 38% drop in the share price over that period of time:

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