April 15, 2012

Itty Bitty Hits for April 15

In addition to Dr. Ross' presentation, PV-10 unexpectedly appeared in 2 other HemOnc Today conference presentations on Friday.

The HemOnc Today conference demonstrated that key opinion leaders now realize the importance of PV-10 by itself, and also in combination with other therapies. As I collect distributable ("postable") material, I will post them for you to read, together with analysis as appropriate.

I don't know whether the CEO letter will come out this week or the following one. I thought it would come out earlier. Nevertheless, I am looking for information about and insight into several items. Based on what I read, I can be more effective with and forthcoming about my analysis.

Because the full psoriasis p2 trial data set has not yet been shared with prospective partners (only the top-line results have been shared), I think some more time must pass before we realistically can expect term sheet discussions (and the auction process of the dermatology business) to begin in earnest.

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