April 25, 2012

Topics for Future Posts

Mammon at the Silicon Investor stock chat board for Provectus raised severals topics for discussion. I'm going to try to blog my thoughts on these topics:
  • What are the pros and cons of doing a pivotal MM phase III trial with or without a partner?
  • What a potential dermatology deal might look like?
  • How does Provectus compare to other biotechnology companies that have recently been bought out?
  • Is there a chance for accelerated approval given Moffitt's immunology-related work?
  • How do the psoriasis Phase 2c results compare to other gels (not systemic treatments)?
  • How might PV-10 work as a first-line treatment?
  • What is big pharma's perception of Provectus?
  • When does Provectus' share price start representing its true (or intrinsic) value?

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