May 11, 2012

10-Q for Q1 FY/CY 2012 (update)

Recall in the 10-Q that certain consultants received more than 1MM warrants. The company has issued common stock and warrants to consultants in exchange for services in the past. Read the 10-K for instances of this in 2011 (see pages 17-18).

Provectus has issued large amounts in the past: 641,500 warrants in Q1 2011, 649,518 in Q2 (to Network 1 Financial), 293,500 in Q3, and 752,000 in Q4.

Warrants outstanding as of the end of 2011 are below. This table should become much more relevant later, and I will blog about that in due course.

Who are these consultants, because 1MM is a large number?
  • Is it one consultant, or more?
  • Is it Network 1? If so, why not say so, as management did in the paragraph noting the Q2 2011 capital raise in the 10-K?
  • What kind of consultant or vendor could or would warrant (pardon the pun) the issuance of 1MM warrants?
  • Is the Q1 2012 issuance related to the Q4 2011 issuance, or previous issuances of warrants?
  • Etc.
Lots of questions. No answers quite yet.

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