May 1, 2012

PV-10 vs. OncoVEX, Allovectin-7

To drive home the point about how much better PV-10 is doing in clinical trials than competitors (in the case below, other intralesional therapies), I more precisely graphed PV-10's first cohort OS for its MM Phase 2 trial on the Korn et al. graph, which both BioVex (now Amgen) and Vical used to show how well OncoVEX and Allovectin-7, respectively, performed in their MM Phase 2 trials. I also added OncoVEX and Allovectin-7. The 95% confidence intervals are denoted by the solid blue lines.

The blue fan (triangle) emanating from the PV-10 first cohort data point is my estimation of a reasonable range of OS values for the full trial data set, which is likely going to be substantially better than the competition.

OncoVEX's original plot:

Allovectin's original plot:

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