July 28, 2012

Compassionate Use Program

Participants recently discussed Provectus' compassionate use program on InvestorVillage.

Search this blog for "compassionate use;" you'll find the search feature on the blog's right hand side, towards the bottom when you scroll down.

Several posts on this topic then will list.

The compassionate use program is very valuable (to both patients and the company) and, I think, under-appreciated. Its influence is clear, providing (among other things) insight into how the pivotal MM Phase 3 trial should be designed under the sought after SPA, more and different data to the FDA as Provectus seeks accelerated approval, and a depth and breadth of confirmation that PV-10 works really well.

75 patients have been enrolled thus far. Emerging stories regarding patient success are striking.

The key takeaways, for me, from the program are two-fold:
  • If you throw enough water on a fire, you put it out. Put differently, inject enough PV-10 (e.g., repeated treatments with the drug, more of the drug) and the cancer goes away; and,
  • PV-10 works on a number of cancer indications.

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