July 24, 2012

Quick Hits for July 24

As you know, Provectus is presenting PV-10 data at ESMO 2012 on October 1. ESMO is widely considered to be the most prestigious oncology association in Europe.
  • Why is participation at ESMO a poster presentation, rather than a speaking slot? Typically, Phase 2 and lesser trial data is communicated via poster, while Phase 3 and higher trial data is presented orally. Is it possible the gravity of the immunology-related work by Moffitt, had it been available at the time of submission, might have encouraged reviewers to push the Provectus PIs (and Eric) into the oral category.
  • What will be the nature of the statistical analysis and narrative of the poster presentation?
  • ESMO's prestigiousness and attendance (not disimilar to ASCO) [from the congress' press materials] draw more than 17,000 participants from over 120 different countries, including oncology professionals, healthcare policy makers, patient groups, pharmaceutical industry, cancer foundations and representatives of international media. What kind of event-related splash will Provectus make?
The WebMD videoRose Bengal Dye for Melanoma Cancer, was added to WebMD's website in December 2011. The story originally was produced and aired in July 2011.

The mixed securities shelf registration Provectus filed earlier this month (July 2) was made effective on July 20. Prior to this, the shelf's securities were not available for sale nor could offers to buy securities be accepted until the registration became effective.

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