August 23, 2012

Blog Reader Question

I know that news will be presented at ESMO, but am not sure which. I speculate it can be the SPA (or even AA) but more likely new data from Moffitt on both human trials and other cancers in mice. Which news would you expect we will see at ESMO?
The company noted in its June 26 PR the ESMO poster presentation would include a full statistical analysis of the MM Phase 2 trial data.

As I have previously written, I think the SPA will be announced before ESMO. I think accelerated approval (AA), if management can obtain it from the FDA (under a different label, of course, than the one being pursued for the SPA), may come next year, as I think it relies on Moffitt's results (e.g., the next round of murine study results, human study work) to further bolster the case for PV-10's systemic benefit and use for such.

ESMO could be the venue for the release of more Moffitt results, whatever they be at the time, (e.g., mouse, human, mouse and human).

I think EMSO will be used to further raise awareness of PV-10 and the company's profile with the medical and biopharmaceutical communities in a very particular fashion.

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