September 15, 2012

Blog Reader Statement About $PVCT.OB

I am heading home later today. Six days away from my family in hindsight turned out to be 6 days too much; okay, maybe 3 days...
I do not see how to email you, nor do I see any comments posted. I just wanted to tell you that I have been following your blog for about three months and have made a (so far) modest investment in PVCT. I listened to Peter's presentation. I was trying to listen to it when it was given but I could not find out where to do so. I was only able to use the link you gave after the fact. If you know of a link for the next conference in advance, I am interested. Peter was interesting for me, but I think someone more directly involved in the research would be more interesting.
Thank you for reading.

I can be reached via e-mail at You can reach Pete at He is very good about responding to shareholder e-mails and questions.

I do not publish any reader comments and questions on the blog; however, I post all of them and blog my comments and responses to each of them.

I post information about the conferences at which I discover management is presenting (I e-mail management to confirm their presentation presence post-discovery). Sometimes the event is webcast, like at Rodman & Renshaw. While I may or may not provide the link in advance (I try to do my best), I certainly will provide some post-presentation commentary. The R&R conference was an investor-oriented one, and I think Peter was best suited to present at it. As I wrote, he did a good job. Past presentations at this conference by Tim Scott, one of the company's founders and who is more strategy and R&D-focused, were sometimes average.

Craig is very entertaining and informative, and should be the principal presenting at the upcoming MD Becker Partners 3rd Annual "Cancer Immunotherapy: A Long-Awaited Reality" Conference, which I think will be webcast.

If you can get time with Eric, it is well worth listening to him.

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