September 19, 2012


Provectus reminded us in a PR today the company will report final efficacy data from the metastatic melanoma Phase 2 trial at ESMO 2012, noting the conference abstract.

Monthly volume, from when I last commented on the topic (on September 14), remains robust (there's that word again) relative to prior months. Today's volume was no exception. Click to enlarge.

It looks like the month-over-month traded volume of the stock (look at, below, Projected Monthly Total Volume, which is divided by 10 so it fits the left-hand Y-axis) still is going to double in September. Click to enlarge. "Monthly Average Volume" (below) means the average daily volume for the days of the month.

It was very clear from today's trading action that at least one investor substantially initiated a position or added to their position in Provectus stock.

From the rumor mill: On the topic of combination therapies, a double digit number of patients have been enrolled in the PV-10 + radiotherapy treatment study being run by in Australia by Foote et al. Prior work indicated, albeit in a very small number of patients, this combination produced spectacular results in very late stage patients with heavy tumor burden. PV-10-induced immunity initially overwhelmed by heavy tumor burden requires a little assistance to reach full potential. Just like in the situation of the immune system fighting infection, antibiotics just give it (the immune system) a little help. Ultimately, innate immunity cures.

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