October 17, 2012

$PVCT.OB: A Quick Post-Mortem On An Aborted $PVCTP "IPO"

There is much to which to look forward. Looking back:
  • The finance industry can be the valuable grease that enables the gears of the global economy to operate more efficiently and effectively. A piece of the industry also is a cesspool. Investment banks, white shoe, boutique and, er, other, have bet against their clients since time immemorial (okay, that is hyperbole, but you get the idea). The "good" banks are not obvious about it. If you are going to bank Provectus (i.e., if you are going to provide, in this case, investment banking services like IPO underwriting and equity research coverage), could you not be more discrete about  the other part of your bank trying to drive down the share price (for the betterment of prospective "IPO" buyers)? Allegedly, of course.
  • I have asked the company to open an investigation into the illegal solicitation (i.e., sell recommendations or "suggestions") and shorting of Provectus common stock: Claims of illegal recommendations by certain Maxim executives and retail reps to existing and prospective clients to (a) sell their common stock and/or (b) short the common stock in order to (c) profit from the subsequent share price decline and (d) ultimately benefit from their participation in the "IPO" from enjoying a better conversion ratio resulting from the premeditated driving down of the share price. There are undoubtedly much more productive uses of company time, resources and dollars; however, at a minimum, I hope FINRA knocks on a few Maxim doors.
  • The PVCTP "IPO" process hurt management's credibility.
  • Management's decision to terminate the offering helped its credibility.
  • Bidirectional bridges between shareholders and management should be redesigned and then rebuilt.

Oh, I forgot. One more thing: Dear Maxim, yippee ki-yay, motherf@$#er!

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