October 10, 2012

$PVCT.OB's PVCTP "IPO:" Maxim (update)

Much to Maxim Rep #6's credit, he eventually facilitated a call for me with Paul LaRosa, Maxim's Senior Managing Director of Capital Markets. Paraphrasing:
  • There was no deal in place.
  • He had taken Provectus management on a roadshow to 30-40 prospective investors.
  • Such investors would negotiate terms with the company.
  • They would meet somewhere in the middle (my note: an illustrative comment), and a deal would be struck.
  • A final prospectus with detailed terms, numbers, etc. would be circulated a day before the PVCTP security would trade (update: final terms, however, more than likely would be socialized with prospective "IPO" buyers to provide enough time to understand deal terms and the like).
  • Maxim retail reps should have not been saying what they were saying.

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