October 4, 2012

$PVCT.OB's PVCTP "IPO:" Maxim (update)

The reps on Maxim's retail desk continue to call around with details of the upcoming PVCTP "IPO:"
  • At market conversion ratio (i.e., 6-7 to 1: 6 or 7 common shares are received when 1 preferred share is converted),
  • 40-60% warrant coverage (the warrants will remain with the "IPO" participants, so one could sell one's PVCTP shares and still retain upside while making a profit if one flipped one's PVCTP shares after the "IPO"),
  • etc.
Maxim's retail desk is separate from their investment banking side (the folks working with Peter as underwriters of the "IPO"), so the reps do not have specific deal terms to inform prospective investors they are calling.

Management may not ultimately utilize PVCTP, but these retail reps are sharing the above details and more with certainty.

Deal terms are circulating around Wall Street, in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Some of Wall Street's denizens are paying attention to the situation; the ones who look to turn a quick buck, and have little to no interest in Provectus' long-term story.

A buck is a buck, and their short the common-and-cover through a conversion of the preferred is a viable trading strategy.

My feelings about the strategy, as a large shareholder, are immaterial. It has worked in the past, and it will work in the future.

Should management not go through with a PVCTP "IPO," and I think the probability of an "IPO" has materially lessened, there will be a short-covering rally. Until then, continue to gird yourselves.

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