November 23, 2012

$PVCT: D&O Insurance

Like clinical trial insurance, Provectus, of course, also carries D&O (directors & officers) insurance. Both are givens in the biopharmaceutical industry, as variations of these and other relevant insurance coverage are givens in this and other industry sectors for serious small and large companies alike.

D&O coverage is included in Provectus' general and administrative expenses in the 10-Qs. Clinical trial insurance coverages and a portion of the D&O expense is itemized as insurance under research and development costs (see note below).

To imply, insinuate or guess otherwise continues to, um, strain one's historical and future credibility, to the extent anyone might still assume or think such ever existed in the first place.

Regarding expense allocation, per the company's filings: "Research and development costs are charged to expense when incurred. An allocation of payroll expenses to research and development is made based on a percentage estimate of time spent. The research and development costs include the following: payroll, consulting and contract labor, lab supplies and pharmaceutical preparations, legal, insurance, rent and utilities, and depreciation."

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