November 20, 2012

$PVCT: Valuing the October Raise

As I have written on this topic before, the pre-money valuation of the $2MM October raise seems to be about $63MM, a drop of about 17% from the 2Q12 raise (the share price fell, as best as I can estimate, fell about 23-29%).

Click on the figure to enlarge it.
You can look at valuation in a few ways, such as using the shares outstanding figure readily available on Google or Yahoo!, or using the fully diluted number that includes preferred and common shares, stock options and warrants.

Using today's closing share price of $0.565 and Google Finance's share figure of 113.7MM, the market cap becomes $64.24MM. The October raise was priced at $0.75, implying an $85.28MM figure. I use fully diluted figures to better understand share price under an acquisition event. File this, for now, under "navel gazing."

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