November 9, 2012

$PVCT.OB: Get Shorty (Update)

Short interest as at October 31, reported today, was 1,072,941 shares -- down 13% from the October 15 reporting period (1,230,229), which was up 28% from the September 28 reporting period (959,298), which was up 48% from the September 14 period (650,550), which was up 34% from the August 31 period (486,559). See the graph below.

There is a pernicious inter-period short of 250-270K in October. You may recall I presented what I thought was a structural period-to-period short figure of 470-480K. The balance of 490K during the October 15 period could be related to the conversion of the preferred stock into common stock. 490K of preferred shares were converted in Q3 per the filing.

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