January 24, 2013

$PVCT: Investor Relations On-The-Go

Provectus issued a PR today announcing the availability of a smartphone and tablet investor relations app.

My first thought, after reading the title of the PR and before downloading/exploring the app, was a mixture of mild panic and frustration: "Oh no, more s@$#% from Porter, LeVay & Rose." PLR is Provectus' investor relations-public relations (IR-PR) firm.

PLR serves two masters: the one that pay the bills (that would be Provectus) and the ones with whom PLR socializes, plays nice with and kisses up to in order to stay relevant (that would be the investment funds).

After diving deeper (and now thoroughly relieved PLR had nothing to do with it), I found the app to be nice, clean, useful and interesting.

The company that produced the app, TheIRapp, partnered with PR Newswire to provide "...publicly traded companies the ability to have their own mobile investor relations (IR) app to optimize and share their IR content more broadly with investors."

Some companies using their own version of an IR app are below.

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