January 7, 2013

$PVCT: Moffitt's Human Clinical Trial for Immunologic MOA Characterization

Moffitt (responsible party) posted its human PV-10 clinical trial on ClinicalTrials.gov. Provectus has not yet issued a PR related to this work due in large part to, I think, the Moffitt personnel-derived quotes for the PR not yet being approved by the cancer research center's administration. Once approved, the PR should then be issued (perhaps later this week).

This human trial work is the highly anticipated follow-up to Moffitt's second set of murine model work (the first set of results was presented at SSO in March 2012), the results of which also are highly anticipated and to be presented at a very high profile conference later this year. I think some of the results of this human work also could make their way into the same conference presentation(s) of the aforementioned second set of murine work results.

Recall the conclusions of Craig et al.'s poster at SITC (below) in October.

As an aside, based on a very recent reading of several data points, I could be (probably am) off in my speculation of when the SPA might arrive. It is very possible management may finally be done with the refinements of the trial design, various associated parameters, features and facets, and related discussions with the FDA. If the SPA does not arrive in January, I would next expect February in order for the MM Phase 3 trial to commence prior to quarter (Q1) end.

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