January 15, 2013

$PVCT: Reading, When You Have All The Time In The World

I've been laid up for more than a few days with some version of the flu, and have fallen behind in many things. As I recover, catch-up, and look forward to being laid up again (at least up to 4 more times [once per petri dish, er, child]), here's some reading I did that you may find informative, because goodness knows I did a lot of reading, sleeping, coughing, sneezing, ...

From FierceBiotech's Nick Taylor: "The largest Big Pharma investments in China are about much more than just numbers; they tell the story of the fight over the biggest game in town. Each million-dollar headline marks the latest salvo in a struggle to take control of a market that could make or break Big Pharma players."

There are links at the bottom of the article speaking to each major Western Big Pharma player investment in China.

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