February 17, 2013

$PVCT: "The irony of the situation was apparent to everyone."

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If what I think will come to pass does, the irony of the sequence of events will not be lost on long-time Provectus shareholders. Could the 6-year chart to the right go vertical (on a relative basis to the y-axis describing a share price in the 60-cent range) as a result, finally? After years of patience and impatience, it is hard not to chuckle about the potential for an inexplicable congruence of events.

The SPA: A PR around the week of March 18th?

A China deal: Peter leaves the week of February 25th. A PR during the week of March 4th (with an 8-K filing of an MOU identifying the Chinese strategic partner or an LOI detailing key terms and provisions of a deal with said partner), followed by a closing and funding as early as the week of April 1st (i.e., 30 days later)?

Moffitt: Moffitt's first snippets emerge, followed by the full presentation and contemporaneous peer-reviewed publication. Snippets start sometime in March (a PR or two by Provectus or Moffitt, or both), followed by the full monty in early-April (multiple PRs by either or both parties)?

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