February 14, 2013

$PVCT's #China #Pharma Two-Step

In researching Provectus' China go-to-market strategy, I investigated Celsion's approach, among others. Other folks weighed in on their experiences and with their thoughts.

Celsion first partnered with local pharmaceutical manufacturer Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical ("Hisun") in May 2012 on a commercial supply agreement. According to Celsion, Hisun would "...collaborate with Celsion around the regulatory approval activities for ThermoDox® with the China state Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). A local China partner affords Celsion access to accelerated SFDA review and potential regulatory exclusivity for the approved indication." An equity analyst covering the company noted "...partnering with a local company should foster
good relations with the government for Celsion." In January 2013 Celsion announced reaching terms with Hisum on a commercial license agreement. Step 1, commercial. Step 2, government.

Provectus did the China two-step in a more recognized fashion: Step 1, government. Step 2, commercial. It appears the company first established a strong, formal relationship with the government (e.g.,  Premier of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Health, SFDA) directly and indirectly through Provectus' regional agent, culminating in Peter's November 2012 trip.

Peter's February 2013 trip should result in establishing a license relationship and agreement with a Chinese commercial partner and marketer, whether it is one of the companies in the table below or Hisun.

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