March 26, 2013

Get Shorty (update)

Short interest at 3/15/13 (~1.96 million) increased by ~15% over 2/28/13 (~1.70 million) and ~157% since 12/13/12 (964K).

It is quite possible short interest will increase again when the results of the 3/29/13 period are released on April 9th, barring any sharp increase in share price between now and the end of the month (quarter).

Some shareholders think management is unaware of the growing short interest, or that management believes it is fully or mostly due to preferred share conversions (recall my last short interest-related blog post here) or other reasons save for simple, direct, unabashed and understandable shorting of Provectus stock. It might be hard to fathom why anyone would short PVCT, especially given the cost of the borrow. Some very experienced and savvy capital markets folks who also are shareholders have held the view for sometime the stock indeed is being shorted and the short is accelerating/will accelerate (almost pegging today's number). I've been listening to them for a while.

Management has appeared loathe to overtly discuss such speculation. Until recently.

I think management has had a very quantitative sense short interest has been growing steadily over time. I think they understand, however, there is little or nothing they can do about it without news (e.g., SPA, China, Moffitt, etc.), and perhaps thus don't (won't) discuss it much or at all.

It is very easy to both short and not buy this stock.

That management is acknowledging the situation is good. Perhaps they are adding the short squeeze and cover to the list of news they hope to deliver in the coming weeks and months to propel the share price upwards.

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