March 3, 2013

Nice to Read...

From a reader of the blog. I appreciate these (I also had not realized page views had exceeded 100,000). Thank you.

Hey PVCT investor,  first, congratulations on the number of viewers number.  You can rightfully enjoy that milestone.

Your blog has hefted the burdensome weight of waiting .  Thank you for your diligence and dedication.

Your March 2nd post is great.  I think you put the nail on the head of what is important and cutting edge about the research Moffitt is doing.

I think Moffitt thinks this immune response is the key.  

Two keys.  One being the observation and confirmation of the bystander effect.  The other being the science of the effect.

I’m aware there are more keys, like engaging various cancer types, selling a product, but if the keys in question are approximately these, the pile is rather less formidable than the much larger more nebulous heap of other angles of approach to cancer.

The Holy Grail being mentioned, possibly with a slightly echo chamber effect, is nonetheless, no small objective to have mentioned by the likes of these researchers in reference to what PV-10 might bring to the world.

I hope you are well.  I know you are excited as I am about the possibilities of these unfolding petals.

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