March 23, 2013

$PVCT CUP: Against The Odds

I imagine Compassionate Use Program ("CUP") patients are on the worse end of the suitable Gaussian or other distribution curve of disease stage. If the x-axis, from left to right, denotes early to later and later disease stage or amount of tumor burden, I would think CUP patients are 2 sigma'ish or worse (i.e., to the far right of the curve). They're likely to be suffering from compromised immune systems with bodies ravaged by failed prior treatments and therapies (e.g., chemotherapies, other immunotherapies, radiation, etc.).

Yet, a supermajority of more than 75 CUP patients -- very compromised, afflicted and ravaged patients with heretofore little to no good treatment options save for PV-10 -- are now cancer-free thanks to the drug?


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