April 22, 2013

An Inflection Point in $PVCT Data

We finally may have reached the long-awaited inflection point in Rose Bengal data (PV-10 & PH-10).

Management thinks 2013 marks a turning-point in how Provectus is regarded by the FDA, Big Pharma and medical community key opinion leaders (KOLs) vis a vis "the data:" MM Phase 1 & 2, Breast Phase 1, HCC/liver Phase 1, inflammatory skin disorder Phase 1/2, Moffitt murine model immunology, Provectus murine model combination therapy, and the compassionate use program.

That's not to say more data is not very desirable: MM Phase 3 (if necessary), breast Phase 2, pancreas Phase 1, skunk works success by Craig with another key indication, Moffitt human immunology, and Moffitt-like immunology (and also toxicity) investigational work into PH-10 by a world-renowned university whose laboratory head has a world-class reputation with the FDA.

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