April 29, 2013

$PVCT in Paris?

2013 Annual Paris Melanoma Conference & Moffitt's Dr. Jeffrey Weber, MD, PhD (see post below). So what? Here's what:

1. Dr. Weber appears to be about combination therapies of all sorts. Read Melanoma: is immunotherapy the future?, an interview of Dr. Weber by Jenaid Rees, Commissioning Editor of Expert Review of Dermatology. The article does not mention PV-10 by name. Reading the interview, however, gives you a very good sense of his professional interest (combination therapies).

2. Dr. Weber presentation at this Paris melanoma conference is about combination therapies. Dr. Sondak, a senior leader at Moffitt, has been very involved with Provectus. To what extent is Dr. Weber (the leadership at Moffitt) involved in or sees further professional development, success and/or legacy building through translational research into and the work of combining PV-10 with anti-CTLA4 agents, anti-PD-1 agents, systemic chemotherapies, other systemic immunotherapies, and on and on...?

3. At a Paris melanoma conference, several industry folks will be gathered. I don't where in Europe Peter is, but Paris probably is on his itinerary. If you're an industry professional, particularly focused on M&A, corporate development, business development or R&D, you owe it to your company to, at the very least, seek Provectus out and speak with them (Pete).

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