April 10, 2013

$PVCT: Provectus Presents Data on PV-10 Combination Therapy at American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting

Provectus issued a PR to circulate its AACR poster. The poster is here. It is worthwhile to focus on Eric's quotes in the PR.

"Results of these studies demonstrate that immuno-chemoablation with PV-10 is highly effective when all tumors are accessible for injection, providing rapid reduction of tumor burden and tumor-specific immunity. PV-10's rapid tumor ablation and immunologic stimulation, combined with its distinctive adverse effects profile and pharmacology that minimizes the potential for drug interaction, represent a unique and powerful approach that could complement many systemic cancer therapies. This work shows that, as hypothesized, addition of the immunologic effects of an anti-CTLA-4 agent augments the benefits of PV-10. For visceral or other inaccessible disease, combination of PV-10 with CTLA-4 blockade offers important potential for synergy."

"PV-10 is currently entering pivotal Phase 3 testing as a monotherapy for locoregional control of cutaneous metastatic melanoma. These data on the potential benefits of combination therapy are encouraging, particularly for advanced melanoma patients with substantial tumor burden inaccessible to PV-10 injection. PV-10's ability to reduce tumor burden and elicit tumor-specific immunologic stimulation make it a logical potential complement to anti-CTLA-4 agents, such as ipilimumab. We believe these results warrant a Phase 1/2 dose escalation trial with 'ipi' to validate this effect and potentially advance the options available to patients."

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