May 16, 2013

$PVCT: Bristol-Myers Visits The Blog, Again

The Princeton, NJ office visited, looking at a blog post I had written discussing Vical/Allovectin-7 and Provectus/PV-10.

Since the release of final MM Phase 2 trial data at ESMO 2012, through the presentation of systemic immune response data at AACR 2013, Western Big Pharma visitors to the blog have included, in no particular order, AstraZeneca (I think), Daiichi Sankyo, Amgen (I think), Merck, Bristol-Myers, and Johnson & Johnson.

The blog is just a proxy, producing different kinds and types of valuable data from which one variously can make observations and draw conclusions. While I would not rely too heavily on either of these, the data nevertheless have value.

If I easily can observe Big Pharma interest in PV-10 through staff members visiting my blog, the actual inbound interest via the company very likely is more substantial and substantive.

There really is a simple takeaway from all of this: Interest in PV-10 from Big Pharma is materially growing.

Don't hate Provectus. Hate PV-10.

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