May 22, 2013

$PVCT: Bristol-Myers Visits The Blog, [Yet] Again

Bristol-Myers Europe (specifically, France) visited, looking at a blog post I had written about intralesionally-delivered local agents with potential systemic benefits: PV-10, Allovectin-7 and T-Vec (formerly OncoVEX).

There has been extensive recent media coverage of and discussion about the combination of ipilimumab (Yervoy) with anti-PD-1 (and anti-PDL-1) agents, with Bristol-Myers believed by some to hold the catbird seat when it comes to combining therapies, particularly immunotherapies, together (i.e., ipi + "other stuff").

You will recall Dr. Weber presented in Paris about combination therapies. He is very enthused about PV-10 as both a monotherapy and a combination therapy. Moffitt currently is conducting murine study work into the combinations of PV-10 and {anti-CTLA-4 agents, anti-PD-1 agents, anti-PDL-1 agents, etc.}.

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