May 13, 2013

$PVCT CEO Letter: PV-10 selective, does not harm healthy tissue, safe, effective, multi-indication, monotherapy, sequenced/combination therapy

This probably is the most communicative portion of the annual CEO letter, describing PV-10's clinical value proposition (a critical component of my investment thesis, and really for any investment thesis involving Provectus):
  • Selectively targets and destroys cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue (efficacy),
  • Continues to demonstrate its local and systemic benefits (efficacy),
  • Excellent safety profile (safety), and
  • Potential applicability in multiple cancer indications (platform drug).
Building awareness in the medical and medical researcher community, particularly among key opinion leaders (KOLs), as a means of advancing PV-10 as a new paradigm for cancer treatment, has been a key component of Provectus' business strategy, starting as far back as Australia's Professor John Thompson, MD and the first PV-10 clinical trial for metastatic melanoma. PV-10’s unique characteristics and safety profile are attracting the attention of clinicians at nationally recognized medical research institutions. For example, I heard a recent rumor [as yet unvalidated] a high profile Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center researcher (and, thus, presumably a KOL) commented that PV-10 will be the future of cancer treatment. and effective as a monotherapy, an adjunct...and in combination... In addition to being, again, safe and effective (efficacious) as a monotherapy, the letter highlights PV-10's orthogonal nature and, thus, significant potential in appropriately pairing it with traditional chemotherapeutic, immunomodulatory (in the same general class as immunomodulatory agents like ipilimumab, tremelimumab, PD-1, PDL-1, etc.) and metabolic (the same general class as inhibitors) agents. "Combination" does not just mean giving PV-10 and another drug at the same, such as PV-10 and ipilimumab/Yervoy, together, but also "sequencing" (i.e., give PV-10 first, then give drug no. 2). I heard from some in Europe (Paris) [but cannot confirm] that Moffitt Cancer Center's Jeffrey Weber spoke about PV-10, both monotherapeutically and combinatorially, in meetings.

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