May 10, 2013

@dealbook: With Wall Street Support, @MelanomaReAlli Grows Up

A reader of the blog forwarded this article to me from Dealbook. Thank you.

"It was a “real wake-up call,” recalled the billionaire financier Leon D. Black, when his wife, Debra, received a diagnosis of melanoma in 2007. After the skin cancer was successfully treated, the experience led the Blacks to form the Melanoma Research Alliance, a group that has attracted the support of several prominent Wall Street figures. Later this month, the organization is holding its second-annual benefit geared toward the leveraged finance industry."

Read the full article here.

Individuals, like Debra Black and her husband Leon Black (and Doug Ulman), and organizations, like the Melanoma Research Alliance and its President and CEO Wendy Selig (and Livestrong), advocate for cancer patients and ultimately can play roles in the advancement of a drug candidate.

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