June 9, 2013

Adam Feuerstein: Bristol And Merck's Cancer Drugs Won ASCO. Five Slides Explain Why.

"This isn't a chart of real data but it's the best slide of the ASCO meeting because it explains why cancer immunotherapy is winning over targeted therapies, particularly in melanoma. It's the long survival tail! Targeted therapies work fast but responses tend to be transient as cancer cells develop resistance. This means that early, impressive survival benefit aren't sustainable. Cancer immunotherapy, on the other hand, works slower. It takes time for the patient's immune system to identify and kill cancer cells. But once a patient's T-cells get a taste for cancer cells, their appetite is insatiable. That means tumor responses that are more durable and (hopefully) sustained and prolonged survival."
PV-10 is both a targeted therapy and an immunotherapy.

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