June 3, 2013

$PVCT Blog Reader Cracks Me Up

Been reading your blog for a year now. Informative, well thought out, interesting, amusing, irritating. It's everything it should be. Am holding 50k shares-bought cheap and losing it all will not change my life. Having said that, any rise in price will be a nice surprise. I intend to ride the horse until he either dies or makes it back to the stable. One final thought. You are one optimistic, glass half full guy.
Classic. Thank you.

ASCO 2013: Overcoming Resistance to Cancer Drug Therapy: "Dr. Charles Sawyers, MD, current President of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) on June 2nd 2013, received the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2013 Science of Oncology Award and subsequently gave a plenary lecture on overcoming resistance to cancer drug therapy."

The author of the above Storify, Pieter Droppert, wrote that Dr. Sawyers said "...drug resistance is universal. It represents one of the key challenges in cancer treatment" and that "...we need to combination therapy faster in order to overcome cancer drug resistance."

Moffit's Dr. Jeffrey Weber's interest in and excitement over PV-10 is much clearer to me, only once I better understood (realized) Dr. Sawyer's message, which I repeat by writing that the heart of the matter to researchers and clinicians is utilizing combination therapy as a way to overcome drug resistance.

Combination therapy is very important to Moffitt Cancer Center and Dr. Weber because, presumably, they believe it is the key to addressing and potentially overcoming drug resistance.

PV-10 is very important to Dr. Weber et al. in no small part because Dr. Weber and his Moffitt colleagues believe they can overcome resistance to cancer drug therapy with PV-10, due to this drug's unique mechanism of action and orthogonality with other drugs (in addition to its efficacy, safety, and beneficial features of being both a targeted therapy and an immunotherapy).

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