July 8, 2013

$PVCT: A Slow, Hot, Smoky Summer Monday

I appreciate the comments and e-mails from blog readers I received over the last week. Thank you. I realize some of you would visit once or a couple of times a day, while others would visit 15-20 times during their daily waking hours. I'm still blogging, but not nearly as much as I used to (as I transition the blog per my "$PVCT: Moving On, Moving Up" post).

A blog reader commented, in regard to my "For $PVCT, it's the FDA's move" post, that although I wrote the ball is now in the FDA's court, Craig's recent remarks, including his letter to shareholders (May 13) and reported comments at the annual general meeting (June 27), suggest Provectus has not yet made an application to the FDA for some process that would result in an approval, whether for an special protocol assessment or breakthrough therapy designation ("BTD"). The reader went on to write: So, in a sense, the ball in is the company's court to first file [some application] with the Agency. I say it's the FDA's move because regulatory clarity is what is needed by Provectus, and I think the company has provided answers to all of the Agency's questions. Of course, the FDA cannot move if the company has not submitted an actual application for which a decision from the Agency is required. A consensus of opinions I solicited over the last couple of months pointed to the belief management had submitted an application for BTD sometime during that period. Recent information purports to suggest that, as late as last week, more time was needed to submit the application.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the role(s) Maxim Group's Dr. Echo Yinghui He, MD, PhD is playing for/with the company. Her position with Maxim is as an equity research analyst, and she provides coverage of Provectus. Dr. He's last company update note was dated January 29, and she is expected to provide another one after Moffitt's peer-reviewed article is published. It appears she has an additional role of some sort with the company as it relates to Provectus' efforts to seek and secure a regional transaction in China.

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