August 23, 2013

@MoffittNews' PR of its work (study) on $PVCT's PV-10 trending of Twitter

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Moffitt Cancer Center's PR from yesterday -- Single Injection May Revolutionize Melanoma Treatment, Moffitt Study Shows -- is trending on Twitter. A screen shot of a recent portion of it is on the left (click the picture to enlarge it). You also can observe it yourself by searching for "Moffitt" and "cancer" and looking at "All" Tweets (this link should do this for you, but it may not).

Several news and web sites have picked up Moffitt's PR thus far; however, I'm more interested in how the PR and story, brief as it currently is (since the only available information for most folks is from the PR), is circulating within and across social media.

At the moment, while the story is trending, it has not yet reached so-called biotech Twitter pros, such as those mentioned in Xconomy's Luke Timmerman's article Who Should Biotech Pros Follow on Twitter? An Update for 2013, and other more recognized names.

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Moffitt's PR, in my view, was very compelling, if not astounding. Among other things:
  • The use of a single treatment (i.e., injection) of PV-10, which is not [I think] to say one injection, but rather one treatment cycle, which may or should comprise multiple injections and several vials of PV-10 (i.e., a treatment cycle) [Updated: I erred. Moffitt meant a single injection. Multiple injections are required when the initial one is applied incorrectly, or when the target tumor requires more PV-10 because of tumor volume and thus additional injections of drug],
  • "Revolutionize:" 1. change (something) radically or fundamentally, "this fabulous new theory will revolutionize the whole of science," synonyms: transform, alter dramatically, shake up, turn upside down, restructure, reorganize, transmute, metamorphose, and
  • The mention of boosting the immune response in the blood stream, which I believe is a focus area of Moffitt (but more on that item in a subsequent post).
It will take time for the PR to circulate on social media and elsewhere, and requires follow-up from Moffitt to further broaden and deepen the story, message and narrative. There is no mention of Provectus, as there should not be from an institution focused on translational research.

This story only has begun. There is much more Moffitt has done by way of pre-clinical and clinical studies (e.g., on PV-10, on combinations of PV-10 with other agents, on other indications, etc.). While some of these results no doubt have been provided to the FDA, Moffitt will, in its self-interest, present and promote their findings and the implications and ramifications of such, over time.

As a result, I do not think there will be any immediate impact on share price. The market primarily is focused on regulatory clarity.

But, one could well think PV-10's, and thus Provectus', legitimacy has been established. The FDA, then, follows. From there the share price naturally will react.

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