January 10, 2014

No insider/ex-insider sales, ever

Earlier, I wrote in my Disfigurement, Discomfort, Death post: "Historically, there have been no insider sales by Provectus officers and directors.* There only have been purchases...Buy/sell transactions by directors/ex-directors (chronologically, I believe, Fuchs, McMasters, Koe and Smith) provide information and sometimes knowledge. I believe I am correct in writing only Koe purchased stock as a director (part of the September announced private placements), already having considerable ownership prior to his election as a member of Provectus' board of directors. Fuchs’ ownership, I believe, derived from his early funding involvement with the company, with warrants and possibly stock that also may have come with it. All directors have been awarded stock options over time for their roles...* With Fuchs' departure from the board in July 2011, thus becoming an ex-director, he may have sold some or all of his shares thereafter."

Having left the board, I did not know whether Fuchs had sold shares, either personally or from his firm/fund Gryffindor Capital Partners. In response to this blog post Stuart reached out to me to address the topic. Since he is not bound, I believe, by SEC reporting requirements regarding buy/sale transactions like management and current directors are, some could feel there is room for skepticism.

I take the gentleman at his word.

From Stuart to me on 1/10/14: "FYI, Gryffindor Capital Partners, the private equity fund that I co-founded in 1999, was the very first institution to declare its confidence in the unique potential in PV-10 as a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments of cancer, the benefits of which were all too often accompanied by serious adverse events. In November 2002, we invested $1,000,000 in Provectus by purchasing its Secured Convertible Note. We subsequently exchanged that note for common stock of Provectus. In response to your most recent posting, I wanted to inform you that to date I have never sold a single share of PVCT owned either directly or indirectly by me or my family prior to, during, or after my service as Director of the Company, and more recently as a member of its Corporate Advisory Board. By the way, neither has Gryffindor.  Like you, we believe that our patience will soon be rewarded." Bold underlined emphasis is mine.

No insider sales by management to date.

No insider sales by current directors to date.

No insider sales by a former director, and his firm/fund to date.

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