June 29, 2014

Properties of PV-10

Presentation statements about PV-10 by Moffitt Cancer Center's Dr. Vernon Sondak on Friday, June 27th at the 4th European Post-Chicago Melanoma Meeting.

1. Simple to store, handle and use and reuse

2. Modest local toxicity and minimal to no systemic toxicity

3. Rapid and complete induction of necrosis/antigen release in injected lesions

4. Excellent healing of the injected site after tumor necrosis

5. Reliable and reproducible induction of regional and systemic immune effects capable of destroying occult tumor cells, "bystander lesions" and distant metastatic lesions regardless of prior treatments

[My note: An occult tumour is one that is hidden, or so small that it can't be found, even by the most detailed scans. His disclosures included that he is a compensated consultant for Provectus, Merck, Bristol-Myers, GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen and Novartis, and that Provectus provided support to Moffitt for research related to his presentation.]

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