June 9, 2015

He stated that he felt much better and wanted more

The Rose Bengal test for liver function, Delprat, G.D. et al., The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, Volume 16, Issue 9, 923 - 925
"It was with some hesitation in 1923, that we injected this dye into our first human subject. The patient, a Chinaman with a carcinoma of the pancreas with complete biliary obstruction, showed no toxic effects after the intravenous injection of 100 mg. of the dye. In fact, while observing interest the injection of this beautifully colored “medicine” he stated that he felt much better and wanted more. Frequent injections on this patient gave no toxic effects and led to the subsequent injection of some two to three hundred others."
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I am very appreciative of a shareholder for providing me access to the article.

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