November 17, 2011

X, The Independent Variable

Provectus' board of directors currently consists of five members:
  • Dees (insider);
  • Scott (insider);
  • Wachter (insider);
  • Dr. Kelly McMasters (outsider/independent director); and,
  • Alfred Smith IV (outsider/independent director).
So, insiders outnumber outsiders 3-to-2. Is the company planning to add more independent directors?

I have maintained for a long time that Provectus is a private company that happens to be public; for now, an over-the-counter bulletin board stock. That's for another post.

Does an independent board matter? At the moment, and for the near-term, it doesn't matter. The stock is trading on a minor exchange at below $1 per share. Valuation doesn't matter today.

When the share price does run to a level that makes Provectus eligible to join a major stock exchange, what other boxes must be checked to secure, say, a NASDAQ listing? An independent board, perhaps? Add another independent director and have one of the company founders step down from the board for the greater good (remember Tony D'Amato?). Outsiders would outnumber insiders 3-to-2. Poof! An independent board.

I wonder if Craig thought about that? LOL!

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