January 18, 2012

By The Numbers (another update)

An update to my last post on this subject.

Revising my scorecard for 2011 one last time, as word of no 4th EOP2 meeting was heard prior to year-end, we have:
  • Melanoma: SPA subject to final protocol submission and acceptance (3 of 6 pts);
  • Liver: Orphan drug status (3); enrollment (0.5), treatment (0.5) and study (1) completed;
  • Psoriasis: Enrollment (0.5) and treatment (0.5) completed;
  • Immunology: Study initiated (0.5) and completed (0.5); and,
  • Corporate governance: Director (Smith) and adviser (Eagle) added (0.5).
2011: My simple (simplistic) milestone score now equals 10.5; a breakthrough year all-around. As a graph, below:

Taking a longer-term historical view of share price (including today), an ever so slight upward trend in price unsurprisingly unreflective of intrinsic value:

That surely will change...

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